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Boudin Bakery: The Great with Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Boudin Bakery
Macy’s Union SquareBakery & Cafe
251 Geary St., San Francisco, CA 94102 (Cellar)

It was ridiculously gorgeous the other day so I went for a city stroll: farmer’s market, union square, etc. when I got snack-y. I stopped by Macy’s food court for a bit of air conditioning and a quick snack at Boudin Bakery.

They are probably best known for their sourdough and more specifically the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl so I figured that their grilled cheese would be good since they would be using that the same tangy sourdough bread but crusting it up with some parmesan, right?!?!  (note: not parmigiano reggianno… but parmesan. This should have been my first clue but I was so hungry).


Boudin’s grilled cheese menu


It looks like they take their grilled sandwiches pretty seriously; lots of variations and toppings. I tried The Great with Bacon ($7.99). It sounded straightforward and simple – just how I like my sandwiches.


not so great, Great with Bacon


Although it looks decent, I was not impressed. The bread was greasy and burnt in places. There was not enough cheese to stand up to the bacon. and it took at least 15 minutes for the kitchen to spit this sucker out. I was expecting a much higher quality sandwich.

The only redeeming things in this sandwich was the bread and bacon. The sourdough had a distinctive chewy, tanginess that complimented the cheddar cheese. Though there was very little cheddar cheese flavor in general. The bacon was cooked very well. Boudin should just replace this sandwich with a simple BLT.

Next time I get a craving for a grilled cheese sandwich in Union Square, I will definitely pass on this one. I sincerely hope that Boudin’s other locations either make this sandwich better or charge waaaay less.

Stick to the clam chowder everyone, stick to the clam chowder.

~ warning: not cheese appropriate ~

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  1. Carolyn Jung says:

    Oh no about the greasy bread. A perfect grilled cheese should be crisp on the outside with just enough lubrication to make it interesting. Too much, though, and it’s overkill.

  2. This looks amazing. Last time I went to SF, I was there but didn’t stop by. Next time I’m going to get to this, for sure.

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