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Mac ‘n Cheese Monday: Andalu (SF)


3198 16th St San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 621-2211

Andalu actually was the first stop on our Mac and Cheese Crawl. At 6 pm the restaurant was still pretty empty andit was easy to grab a seat at the bar and enjoy a sparkling rose wine while I waited for our Cheese Crawler group to arrive.

I had heard from my Mr. J that the mac and cheese was quite good. And he was not wrong.

Crispy Mac and Cheese with Herb Tomato Vinaigrette  ($7.50)

crispy creamy

This is a battered, breaded deep fried mac and cheese version. And believe me it is tasty. The cheese is heavily cheddar flavored. Anything lighter would be eclipsed by the heavy breading. It is served with a slightly spicy, thin marinara sauce. I’m not sure if this was really a “vinaigrette” there was a healthy dose of vinegar but I had assumed it was Tabasco. The tomato in the sauce was very apparent and the acidity was a nice counter point to the cheese.

The tender interior was balanced by the heavy crunch from the outside. The salt was just right. I don’t really know what the basil was all about. Though I think some herbs on the inside would have been nice.

This is a nice way to start off any happy hour.

~crispy, crunchy, cheese-y, what is there not to love~

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  1. clare says:

    Hi – my friends and I just started a website hahaha – it’s just some silly fun – pubs, and cheese – times a few times over = a cheesecrawl lol. google gave me your website as you had had a mac and cheese crawl. lol!! congratulations on a truly excellent idea. ;-)

    enjoy the cheesey goodness, hahaha!! Our website is still being built – got loads of mods to the theme to make, waiting for replies on the elegant themes forum – let’s spread the cheesy love once I get the site more up together :-) best wishes and chuckles, Clare xx

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